About Japonica

Founded by Sarah, she believes in building a community of local artisans to help develop products for you

A Team That Loves to Create For You

Based in Western Australia our designs are influenced by the local lifestyle and creative community we are part of.  Our soft tailored, classical designs, are made for your comfort, in good quality Japanese cotton.

We make customised garments for women searching for clothing as individual as they are.  Together we create clothing that is truly yours by selecting from our patterns, trims and unique natural fabrics.  We work with local artisans to individually cut and make your ready to wear. The other option is for you to select items, including our fabrics and make your own.  The choice is yours!    

The clothing industry has started to change. People have had access to fast fashion for decades now and are beginning to appreciate individually made garments created with care and attention to detail.  We understand that both the buyer and the maker are part of the story.

We are all part of the circle of the clothing industry. We all have a contribution to make. My name is Sarah and I hope you will join me in this endeavour to build an inspired community that cares about this world and how garments come to be.

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